Monday, July 23, 2012

24 weeks and the happenings

How far along? 24 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, I tried to wear my normal capris the other day with a belly band to hold them up and it was so uncomfortable I thought I would die! Maternity clothes from here on out.
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Best moment the past few weeks: Jared finally getting to feel her moving around. She can be a little feisty and has a really active time around 11:00 p:m. Let's just say the best moment of the week wasn't when I stepped on the scale at the doctors office and came pretty close to gaining in the double digits :(
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back and also just sleeping in general. I tend to have insomnia when I am pregnant and just wake up and can't go back to sleep for hours sometimes. My back and hips not killing me. This has been a rougher pregnancy all the way around.
Movement: Yes! I love it, it makes the pregnancy seem real. She moves a lot now and she gets stronger all the time.
Food Cravings: Pop, anything but water. Chocolate, ice cream, and fresh peaches.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Water. I don't know what it is but water is not my friend this pregnancy.
Gender: Its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naming her Hallie. Still only 95% sure on the middle name.
Labor Signs: Having some intense contractions. I never had these with Brogen even at the very end of pregnancy. They hurt so bad I have to breathe through them. Not looking forward to labor.
Symptoms: Tired. back hurts, hips hurt, and I am so hot! I will never be prego for the summer again!
Belly Button in or out? It is only out on one side and feels so weird!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. My fingers swell throughout the day and I am not taking any chances. Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Starting to get a little anxious though about everything I have to get done before she gets here.
Looking forward to: My ultrasound on Wednesday. Everything looked good at the last ultrasound but they needed to get a better look at the heart. At the last ultrasound I got a cute picture of her face and she looks like she has Brogen's luscious lips! I love them!

Funny things that Brogen has said lately. My kid is going to give me even more of a complex than I already had after I weighed at my last appointment. His comments this week:

"You can't come on the teeter totter with me you are too big"!

We were sharing the front seat on the way to my Grandma's house from my Mom's house and I told him he needed to scoot over so I could fit. He didn't scoot far enough so I said scoot some more and he said "Mama is just getting...... pause pause pause......bigger sizes! Me and my Mom about died laughing. It took me a minute to catch on to what he meant.

He has gotten quite social these last few weeks which we never thought would happen he was so shy. Anytime he sees kids he says he needs to go talk to them and play with them. At the park the other night he went up to this little girl and said "Hi, I am Brogen Blad and my mom's name is Shannon and my dad's name is Jared. Do you want to go down the slide with me"? 

He has started using his hands when he talks but he doesn't quite know what to do with them so it is hilarious to watch him. He is still very passionate about his trip to California and the Disneyland rides and if you get him going it is hilarious to hear him tell about.

He is still obssesed with cars stuff and his cousins gave him a bunch to add to his collection. He also loves taking pictures and is pretty dang good with it. It is fun to take my phone after he has had it to see the random and funny things he has taken pictures of. The other day it was the toliet. I was glad it was clean and freshly flushed :)

Any toy that he sees and wants he says "Mom, I want to get that for Christmas" I think he is going to LOVE Christmas this year and really get into it. It makes me really excited and even more excited that I will have 2 kids to have Christmas for.

When I tell him not to do something and it makes him mad because he really wants to he points his little finger at me and says, "Don't tell me Mama!" I have to turn my head so he doesn't see me laughing.

He loves to sing and hum right now. The songs he sings over and over again are Happy Birthday (to himself) and It's a Small World. He likes to add his favorite naughty word right now (poop) into every song he sings and thinks he is so funny. 

In other news, I finally got a new camera after being without one for months so hopefully I can get some pictures on here. We have been job hunting and Jared did find one but it doesn't have benefits for a year! So now we are trying to decide if we should put Brogen in daycare just until the baby comes so we won't have to be without insurance for that huge cost or if I should just quit now and pay the rest of my life for hospital bills or if he should just keeping looking and not take this job. Decisions decisions...... so stressful! 

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