Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Explorer & The Perfect Day!

Brogen loves to hike around and explore, just like his Daddy. One of their favorite things to do is go on the trails behind our house or go hiking or exploring somewhere. One day when I was at work Jared sent me this picture of Brogen up on the Dixie rock. It made me a little nervous but Brogen was having such a good time hiking around and me being the paranoia that I am was glad that I was at work so I didn't have a 100 mini heart attacks seeing what was going on. I made Jared promise me that he would watch him like a hawk and everyone came back in one piece. Ha!

A couple of Saturdays ago we decided to take advantage of our pass to Zion and went to go on a little hike since that seems to be a favorite family activity. It was still a little bit cold, there was still snow on the ground in some spots, so we bundled up and headed out but the sun was out so it wasn't too bad. Since it was our first time taking Brogen and we didn't know for sure how he would do there we picked the easiest hike to the Weeping Rock and it seriously took us 5 minutes to get there. Brogen loved it! He was in awe of the water coming down off the rock and was so excited to be there. It was so cute, he was so happy that he had a little skip to every step he took. He was truly in his element. We wanted to do more so we picked the lower Emerald Pools hike and had a blast listening to Brogen point out everything around us. I kept saying this is seriously the perfect day. Brogen can be adorable but he can also be a little stinker but he was on his best behavior that day and there is something about being in that beautiful setting that just made me think of how blessed I am especially with my amazing little family that I have. Sometimes he would get a little tired so he would ride on Daddy's shoulders for a bit and then he would want back down to walk. I just love these boys!

We had the best time and can't wait to go back! Another thing we have loved doing lately is feeding the ducks. That has been our new Sunday thing since we are out of church so early. We get a loaf of bread from the dollar store and Brogen throws piece after piece until it is gone. There are so many ducks at this pond that they literally fight over the bread and it just cracks us up. This picture doesn't even do justice to how many ducks are there.

Since it is Valentines Day I want to give a little shout out to the 2 loves of my life. Brogen I love you for making me a better person. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I have never had so many sleepless nights, been so frustrated that I wanted to scream, and worried so much it made me sick until you came along. When you wrap your arms around me and flash that smile and I see that cute dimple I don't even remember any of those things. You make me so happy! You really are a smart, amazing little man and I am so glad that I get to be your Mama and learn something new about myself and you everyday. Jared, I love you for loving me no matter what. I am not always easy to please and you are always trying your hardest just to make me happy. You are constantly making me laugh, without even trying, and I knew I had a keeper when on our first Valentines Day together you said to me, "How did a girl like me get so lucky to get a guy like you?" I just fell on the ground laughing. It was before we were engaged and he was so nervous and I have never let him live that one down and he is going to kill me for sharing it, but its too funny. So thanks babe for all you do for me. I love you!