Thursday, January 13, 2011

I haven't updated the old blog forever. I have plenty of excuses for why, but I find myself feeling guilty about it everyday. I know there are a ton of things that Brogen is doing that I'm not going to remember unless I write them down. Just a little recap:

November- My little sis had her baby Jaden on the 13th and I spent the night in the hospital waiting room with the Grandmas and Terron's little sister. We were so excited to see him. He is the cutest boy and it was well worth it to pull an all nighter. He had tons of wild dark hair and the tiniest little mouth I have ever seen. On the 22nd Jared's sister Natalie welcomed little baby Paisley into her family and when I say little I mean little! She was only 5lbs 6 oz and is the tiniest little thing I have ever seen! So much fun to have 2 little miracles in the same month.
For Thanksgiving we went to the Blad's and we had a great time eating yummy food and being with family and seeing Paisley for the first time. Jared got up bright and early the next day and hit the Black Friday sales at the Wal-mart in Richfield and I was smart and stayed in my nice warm bed. He scored some sweet deals though so we were both glad he went.

December- We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family and had the traditional things go on. Brogen didn't really get into unwrapping presents, it mostly just made him mad because he just couldn't do it as fast as he wanted. I ended up unwrapping most of them, but he loved what he got. We got him a little upholstered chair that rocks and a wheelies ramp way since he is so into cars. He also got a leapfrog laptop that he loves. Jared got some Wii games and money and gift cards and I got a sewing machine (so I can learn to sew) and a jewelry amoire that Jared stripped and repainted for me. We had so much fun and Jared and I both had almost 2 full weeks off of work. We spent a few more days in Enterprise and then headed home for a day and a half and then headed to the cabin to spend the remainder of our vacation. The best part of that is we got to meet up with Ryan and Bri who we don't see very often and it was so much fun spending some time with them. They called us on Christmas day to tell us they are expecting a baby and we couldn't be more excited for them!

Us: Right before Thanksgiving we found out that Jared got a part time evening job that he had applied for and we were so excited. It has been really tight trying to make it on one income for the last year and a half and it was such a blessing to finally find something to work with his school schedule. He can go in anytime after 2 so he goes as soon as I get home from work which doesn't really leave any time for us except the weekends but we are making it work. My cute little Beehives love babysitting Brogen and earning some extra cash so we have started going out on dates at least once a week. Hopefully we can keep that up. On Tues and Thurs Jared has school at SUU from 8:30-5:30 and then when he gets into town he goes straight to work. So Brogen doesn't even see him those 2 days. Our schedule is crazy busy and it gets hectic with me in Y.W. but thankfully I have great family and friends who are always stepping up to help me out. We decided to take advantage of the low home prices and interest rates and we are currently house hunting and it is stressful! We keep going back and forth deciding whether it is really the right time to buy, who knows where we will end up when Jared is done with school, but then decided if we can get into a house for not too much more than we pay in rent we might as well be putting our money to something that counts. We really want to have a place of our own and enough of a backyard that Brogen can play in. We actually put in offers on two different short sales but everyone says short sales are tough and take a long time so you have to be patient. Well I have no patience so its going to be interesting. In the mean time we will keep looking for something else that catches our eye.

Brogen: is a little ball of fire! He keeps me on my toes and pulling my hair out somedays. He sure knows how to push my buttons. Lets just say he is probably the most STUBBORN kid I know. You don't MAKE him do anything. He will do it when he is good and ready and if you try to force him, all hell breaks loose. He finally got his I-teeth in and not a moment too soon. They took their sweet time swelling up and making him miserable and then going back down and I am surprised we all came out alive. Brogen still isn't much of a talker but does say quite a few things. A few of his newest things his says are "I did it" purple, blue, and black. He loves his dads Ipod Touch and can navigate through it watching videos, playing starfall, and anything else he decides to do. It cracks us up how he just pushes the buttons and takes his little finger and swipes so fast trying to get to the video he wants. Right now he is learning his colors and can recognize quite a few of them and has also learned a few letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. He still loves to watch his baby einstein shows no matter what I do to try to get him to watch the Disney movies. If I tell him he can't watch a show he just turns on the T.V., puts his DVD in and goes and sits in his chair like he didn't even hear me. He is super attached to his blankies and has to have them with him a lot more than he used to. He is the pickiest little eater I know and all he wants to do is drink all day which usually leads to him peeing through his diaper every night and he wakes up crying in the middle of the night. He loves balloons and has to point them out wherever we go and will play with one for hours. He is fascinated with the moon and has to find all his books that has the moon in them so he can point it out, and he loves to go outside and look at it. He loves to sing silly songs and do the actions but only if he thinks you aren't paying attention. He has turned into quite the little snuggler which I take advantage of every chance I get and he knows how to turn on the charm so he can get his way. He loves being outside and we can't wait for the warmer weather to come so we can be outside more instead of stuck in the house. We suck at taking pictures of Brogen lately but I found this one of him looking bugged that his dad put his hat on his head. So funny!