Monday, March 22, 2010

11 Months

Here I am again, another month has flown by just like the last and we are now 1 month away from the 1 year mark! I want time to slow down right now!!!!! Things haven't changed much since the last post but there are a few things different.

Still just babbles a lot but is not saying any words yet. I think his first word will be ball, but we will see

One of his favorite things to do right now is throw his little baseball down the stairs and make daddy retrieve it just so he can throw it down again. He loves this!

He loves to hit his ball and chase after it and then when he gets to his ball again he hits it and off he goes. He can keep himself entertained for quite a while doing this. He also loves to throw is bat on the tile and watch it bounce all over the place. Sometimes he laughs when he does it and other times he has a very serious look on his face like its all business! He also loves to have someone roll the ball to him and he will roll it back.

He is slowly losing interest in looking at all his books 3 times a day. He only has patience for certain books now and he likes to pick them out of the basket himself.

He has no interest in walking whatsoever and we finally decided maybe we should start working with him a little and making him try, but oh man do we ever see that temper come out when we do. He will take a few steps with us holding on to his fingers and then just throws a fit and sits down and has jello legs and refuses to stand back up. I don't think he will be walking any time soon.

He is getting really picky about what he eats and horrible about sitting in his high chair, getting dressed, his diaper changed, sitting in church for more than 5 minutes, and just about everything else.

Still has 1 top tooth but the other one is SO close to breaking through.

He is getting more attached to Mr. Binks everyday! We try to only let him have it for nap time and at night for bed time but he seems to have an endless stash somewhere and every time I turn around he has another one in his mouth.

When he wants down he will drop whatever he is holding in hopes we will put him down to get it. That is his new thing at church because he wants down so bad!

Loves to be outside and gets to come and see mommy everyday at work and we go for a stroll over to the water fountain by the library. He loves to watch the fountain and see all the little kids running and yelling and having a good time. I can tell he wants to join them so bad. You gotta walk buddy!

We have been trying to be outside a lot lately since the weather is so nice and he loves to be outside so much. We have been strolling almost everyday and taking him to the park when we can and he tried out the swing and slide for the first time and seemed to like it. I just love this time of year and everything that comes with Spring. We are excited to try out the bike trailer we just got for Brogen to ride in. I hope he likes it! I will post some pics later but thought I better do this post before another week slips by me.

P.S. I had a miserable Sunday yesterday trying to keep Brogen entertained at church and just ended up leaving 20 minutes into it and going home. All he wants to do is be down crawling around. I want to find one of those cloth quiet books for him for Sundays but I have no idea where to buy them or if I have to make it or what so let me know if any of you have any ideas.