Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogger is Buggin!!!!!!!

Ok first off I have caught up quite a few posts tonight and it is taking forever because I upload my pictures and that takes forever and then I arrange them and the spacing is all off and I think I have it fixed and then I get a post like the one below with a huge space. Sometimes when I go to move the pictures they disappear completely and I have to start over. I seriously have no idea what I am doing wrong. On preview it looks normal and when I post it, its all messed up. Any help?

16 Months

We took Brogen swimming for the first time this summer and at first he was really hesitant and then he turned into a little fish. He loved going down the little slide at first with our help and then he got brave and would go all by himself. We still had to catch him at the end or he would go under and he did a couple of times but it didn't even faze him. He didn't want us to hold on to him or help him either.

The next time we took him swimming Jared wanted to take him on the hydo tube and Brogen loved it. The just kept going one time after another until Jared was too tired to walk up the stairs anymore. He would just have the cutest grin on his face all the way down

He added Ta-da and Hot to his vocabulary

Loves to be in his stroller and begs and whines to get in there multiple times a day and we usually end up taking him even though its blazing hot outside

He holds our cell phone up to his ear and jabbers like he is having the conversation of a lifetime

Loves to throw his ball and has a pretty good little arm on him. He mostly throws balls but sometimes we catch him trying to throw anything and everything

He likes to draw with a pen and paper but mostly he likes to try to draw on anything but the paper but he thinks he is pretty good stuff when he is drawing. Its pretty adorable

He likes to be on the computer "helping" us with whatever we are doing and loves to try to be in control of the mouse. He also turns the printer off and on and off and on until we finally unplug it

He likes cords of any kind and likes to pull them behind him

Finally has taken an interest in his trucks and drives them all over the house, sometimes he gets cruising pretty fast

He likes to dance and when we play We Dance on the Wii he has to hold a controller and he dances. Its so cute!

Grandma taught him to knock on the door so when he wants in or out he goes and knocks on the door

He now goes and tries to get in his highchair when he is hungry which is a huge help to us

He has this high pitched girl scream that he does when he is ticked at us, or when he can't make his toy do something that he wants it to. Since it sounds like a girl scream Jared calls him Brogeana whenever he does it

I should mention that we are big on nicknames. I don't know why but we just are. I never call Jared by his name and when I do it just doesn't sound right so of course Brogen has about a million nicknames. I thought it would be fun to remember them later on. They are baby, baby boy, babes, best boy, stinky, bugs, buggy, and Brogeana. Don't worry he does still answer to Brogen

He does so many cute and new things it is hard to keep up. His communication skills have improved so much and he is able to communicate and understand more and he is also crazy independent. Today he wanted his train up the stairs and its kind of heavy and I tried to help him but he freaked out so I just let him go. He had to work so hard to get it up each step and was sweating but he just took it one step at a time and he eventually got it up there. Then he just wanted to turn around and come back down. We work with him everyday to learn new words and do new things and he doesn't really act like he cares and then just one day out of the blue he will do it. So I know he is listening he just doesn't want to do it when we want him to. He keeps us on our toes. Love you bugs!

24th of July

So I am pretty lame and only got a couple pictures of him in his cute 24th of July outfit but since I bought it for just that I thought I at least should put a picture up. We went to Enterprise to watch the parade and he didn't seem to impressed by it but he watched most of it and then he went out in the street with Daddy to catch candy. His face never changed expression so I don't think he really like it, only the horses. We didn't go to the races or the rodeo we just kind of relaxed at my parents and Brogen played outside to his little hearts desire.

15 Months

Jared takes him to the park almost every morning and he loves the big open space to just run around and be free after being cooped up in our tiny place

Current Vocabulary: (mind you most of this has taken us some time to figure out because it is in Brogen language) Da Da, Mama, outside, dog, tickle tickle, get you, downstairs, keys, chips, fishy, this, that. There are some pretty random words in there, his dad gave him a chip once (big mistake) and now if he sees anyone with chips he wants them and says chip so cute that we can't resist giving him one. If he doesn't call something by its actual name it is "this" So we hear "this" a lot!

Understands most everything we say to him. Time to eat, Time for Night Night, Do you want to go strolling, Go Outside, Where's Miley (Sara's dog) and when I tell him to go get a diaper so we can change his bum he runs and hides and it takes quite a bit of coaxing to get him

He has turned into quite the schmoozer at bedtime. As soon as I say "ok its time for night night" he pours on the charm. He knows how to manipulate his mommy like crazy and is extra cute and silly so that we will keep playing with him instead of putting him to bed. It usually works too, at least for a few minutes.

He loves to wrestle with daddy, as soon as he sees Jared on the floor its game on! He goes and pounces on his belly and Jared holds him in the air with his feet and tickles him with his toes all while I sit there holding my breath that he doesn't fall. I usually have to be a fun hater and make them stop before someone gets hurt

He now blows kisses after he waves bye bye. I had been trying to teach him forever and he wouldn't do it and then one day he was waving bye bye to my dad and he blew him a kiss. Go figure! We have really discovered that we have a VERY stubborn boy and he likes to do things on his own time not when we want him to, and we know exactly who he inherited this from:)

He loves to look at the animals mounted on the wall downstairs at my parents house and when we name them off he will point to them, he gets them right most of the time. This prompted a trip to the animal museum here in town but he didn't quite know what to think of that, he was a little overwhelmed with so many animals

Loves to be sang too and has started to do some of the actions to the Wheels on the Bus. Itsy Bitsy Spider and 3 Little Monkeys are his favorites

He loves to empty out this cupboard and then get in there and sit for about 2 seconds and then he is on to make a mess somewhere else

Loves to ride in the car because he knows that is the only place he gets to watch his Baby Einstein DVD's.

He loves dogs and whenever he sees a dog he points and says dog and gets so excited