Thursday, November 8, 2012

39 weeks, still no baby!!!!

Be prepared that this post is probably going to have a lot of complaining in it :)
How far along? 39 weeks. Didn't get this far with Brogen  he was a scheduled c section since he was breech and I didn't want to get this far with Hallie but hear I am and I am starting to think I have another stubborn child. Heaven help me!
Maternity clothes? Busting out of the biggest ones I have, I had to go buy another shirt the other day just to get me by. I have one pair of pants and 2 skirts and a couple shirts that still fit and I just wear them over and over again. I don't want to spend any more money on maternity clothes!!!
Best moment the past few weeks: When Brogen laid his head on my belly for a minute and then patted it with his hand and said hello to baby Hallie. Also I tended a 3 month old for Jared's cousin and Brogen couldn't have been more adorable with him. When he spit up on me Brogen ran and got some toilet paper and was wiping it off me. He was showing him his toys and tickling him. It made me happy to see what a good big brother he is going to be.
Miss Anything? Pretty much everything about not being pregnant. I miss the most playing and chasing Brogen. It hurts to sit it hurts to stand so I just feel like the poor kid is pretty neglected by me. Also our snuggle time when he would watch a cartoon. He used to snuggle up on my lap with a juice and his blankee and I would love on him. He tries to still do it but its so uncomfortable for both of us that he says your belly is too big and moves to another spot.
Movement: Ya but its getting less and less the bigger she gets. A couple of times she has had me worried and so I drink a Pepsi and that usually gets her moving.
Food Cravings: Pizza Factory salad bar. I think I could eat there everyday if my budget permitted. I LOVE it and I figure all those veges can't hurt me right?  If I just didn't get the bread twist with it.......
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, water is actually starting to be my friend again. I have no idea what that was all about.
Gender:  Girl. It better be.
Labor Signs: Woke up the other night in lots of pain in back and stomach. Got nauseous and started throwing up. Contractions started and were consistently 10 minutes apart then 9 and 8. Went to labor and delivery hoping they could tell if I was in active labor so Jared could head home from up north. The monitored me for an hour or so and my contractions were 5-8 minutes apart but were not painful and not doing anything so they sent me packing. So embarrassing and disappointing all at the same time. I have felt like I had a kidney stone for awhile now and we think that's what caused all this trouble. The pain I was having started contractions.
Symptoms:  Swollen ankles, hands, face, body, you name it, I am bigger than a buffalo.
Belly Button in or out? Out and stretched so far I think my skin is going to bust
Wedding rings on or off? Off, and I miss it. Its been months since I have been able to wear it and people probably think I am single and just got knocked up.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I would say a little of both. This waiting game is torture and especially worrying about not having a husband home when I go into labor. Just so many unknowns it is driving me crazy.
Looking forward to: Getting this baby OUT!!!!!!!! Is that really too much to ask? At this point I just want her out on her due date and not a week after. Or even a day after come to think of it.

Well what's a post without some funny things Brogen says. He is constantly surprising me with the things that come out of his mouth. Sometimes I have to try hard not to laugh and other times I have to try hard not to spank his butt. He can be quite mouthy! Mostly he just turns my own words around on me and puts me in my place :)

He started saying stupid ALOT!  I got after him and told him that it is not a nice word and that Heavenly Father doesn't like it when we say it. Well what do you know he learned that word from me I found out because he is constantly reminding me "Mommy we don't say stupid" Its not a nice word." sometimes he will throw in there Heavenly Father doesn't like it. He obviously is too young to understand the do as I say not as I do rule :)

One night I tucked him into bed and was leaving his room and he shot up in bed and said "Wait!" "um Mommy I think that your boobies are falling!" I have never said the word boobies to him, when he asks what they are I tell him they are my boobs but I have no idea where he got boobies from. He is right though, they are falling clear to the ground. What a perceptive, concerned little boy I have.

We were in JoAnn's getting some fabric and I put a couple bolts in my cart and he looked back there and said, " put it back Mommy we aren't getting that". I think he has heard that a time or two...

He was still saying poop a lot and thought it was so hilarious and one night when we were with Jared's dad Brogen said it and Paul said "that is bathroom talk". We said ya that is potty talk so now no one can say poop because it is potty talk unless we are talking about going to the bathroom then its ok, or if Brogen feels like saying it then its ok. Brogen's rules...........

I can't remember where we were but Brogen wanted to leave and he said, "Cmon its time to go little lady"

At the babysitter's house the other day they were outside playing and he yelled " Mara we have a big problem" so she went over there and it was a spider on his bike. Obviously I have passed my love of spiders onto him.

The other night I kind of had a breakdown and I tried to hide in the bathroom so he wouldn't see me crying but he found me. I think it was a combination of how hugely pregnant and emotional I am, being lonely without the hubby, (more on that later) being so tired, and just a few other things that have been going on. He was so concerned and said whats wrong Mommy and gave me a hug. Then he got some toilet paper to wipe my eyes but he was really poking me in the eyes and it made me laugh. Then he said your not sad anymore and gave me another hug. He can be so sweet and tenderhearted.

I am really afraid of how my relationship with Brogen is going to change when Hallie comes. I can't even imagine loving another kid like I love Brogen and even though he is 3 1/2 I feel like because of working that I haven't had enough time with just him and I. I am afraid he will think I love her more than him just because of the time it takes to care for a newborn and I know he is going to be wanting my attention and I won't always be able to give it to him and it makes me sad. I know it will all work out and its both scary and exciting to think of what 2 kids will bring to our household. We are so excited to see what a great big brother Brogen is going to be to Hallie and we can't wait to see what our little Hallie is going to look like and how she will be. So she needs to get here already!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

28 weeks! Bring on the 3rd trimester!

How far along? 28 weeks. I just did the dreaded glucose test and it gave me a nasty belly the rest of the day. Hoping the results come back all good.
Maternity clothes? Yes, and even those are getting uncomfortable. If I am home I am in the most comfy thing possible which is usually a t-shirt of Jared's.
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Best moment the past few weeks: Things have been a little stressful the past few weeks, lots of changes but I think the best moment was when I was back in my own bed after spending 2 weeks at my parents house. There is nothing like your own bed especially when you are prego.
Miss Anything? My memory, my sanity, and not feeling stressed.
Movement: Yes! I love it, except she tends to be a little night owl and sometimes I get woke up by her in the middle of the night having a complete circus in my belly and I can't go back to sleep.
Food Cravings: Still fresh peaches, watermelon, and chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Water. I don't know what it is but water is not my friend this pregnancy.
Gender: Its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labor Signs: Having some intense contractions. I never had these with Brogen even at the very end of pregnancy. They hurt so bad I have to breathe through them. Not looking forward to labor.
Symptoms: Tired. back hurts, hips hurt, and I am so hot! I will never be prego for the summer again!
Belly Button in or out? It is only out on one side and feels so weird!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. My fingers swell throughout the day and I am not taking any chances. Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the projects I have left to do and all the changes that are happening. Happy though that I am in the last trimester and I am excited to see this little girl.
Looking forward to: the weekends, its the only time our little family gets to spend any time all together and it really makes me appreciate the small amount of time we do have a lot more than I used to.

Well we decided for Jared to take the job he was offered and Brogen is being babysat until I have the baby and the plan is I will stay home after that. We just didn't want to have a baby with no insurance and pay hospital bills forever. The first day I dropped Brogen off was really hard. I could tell he was scared and nervous and so was I and I tried so hard to be brave but I started crying. Really? The worst thing I could do to my poor child but I couldn't help it. I am blaming it on the pregnancy though :) The first week was pretty rough and it brought on his night terrors that happen when he gets over tired or over stressed so that was a miserable week with no sleep but we have all adjusted a little better and I think he enjoys having kids to play with. His only complaint is that he doesn't like quiet time :) A couple days that I have picked him up he says I had a great day today. He is so cute and cracks us up everyday with the new things he says. Jared is liking his new job ok but we are hoping that somethings with benefits will work out sooner than later. It has been really frustrating for both of us. He still has his night job so he is working 12 hour days and so our weekends are our only time to be together. Its rough but hopefully won't last forever. I have a million and one projects for Hallie's room that I need to get going on and also I just bought Brogen some furniture at a yard sale that I want to redo for his room and I have all that to do and no time to do it. I am sure it will all work out though.

Monday, July 23, 2012

24 weeks and the happenings

How far along? 24 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, I tried to wear my normal capris the other day with a belly band to hold them up and it was so uncomfortable I thought I would die! Maternity clothes from here on out.
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Best moment the past few weeks: Jared finally getting to feel her moving around. She can be a little feisty and has a really active time around 11:00 p:m. Let's just say the best moment of the week wasn't when I stepped on the scale at the doctors office and came pretty close to gaining in the double digits :(
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back and also just sleeping in general. I tend to have insomnia when I am pregnant and just wake up and can't go back to sleep for hours sometimes. My back and hips not killing me. This has been a rougher pregnancy all the way around.
Movement: Yes! I love it, it makes the pregnancy seem real. She moves a lot now and she gets stronger all the time.
Food Cravings: Pop, anything but water. Chocolate, ice cream, and fresh peaches.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Water. I don't know what it is but water is not my friend this pregnancy.
Gender: Its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naming her Hallie. Still only 95% sure on the middle name.
Labor Signs: Having some intense contractions. I never had these with Brogen even at the very end of pregnancy. They hurt so bad I have to breathe through them. Not looking forward to labor.
Symptoms: Tired. back hurts, hips hurt, and I am so hot! I will never be prego for the summer again!
Belly Button in or out? It is only out on one side and feels so weird!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. My fingers swell throughout the day and I am not taking any chances. Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Starting to get a little anxious though about everything I have to get done before she gets here.
Looking forward to: My ultrasound on Wednesday. Everything looked good at the last ultrasound but they needed to get a better look at the heart. At the last ultrasound I got a cute picture of her face and she looks like she has Brogen's luscious lips! I love them!

Funny things that Brogen has said lately. My kid is going to give me even more of a complex than I already had after I weighed at my last appointment. His comments this week:

"You can't come on the teeter totter with me you are too big"!

We were sharing the front seat on the way to my Grandma's house from my Mom's house and I told him he needed to scoot over so I could fit. He didn't scoot far enough so I said scoot some more and he said "Mama is just getting...... pause pause pause......bigger sizes! Me and my Mom about died laughing. It took me a minute to catch on to what he meant.

He has gotten quite social these last few weeks which we never thought would happen he was so shy. Anytime he sees kids he says he needs to go talk to them and play with them. At the park the other night he went up to this little girl and said "Hi, I am Brogen Blad and my mom's name is Shannon and my dad's name is Jared. Do you want to go down the slide with me"? 

He has started using his hands when he talks but he doesn't quite know what to do with them so it is hilarious to watch him. He is still very passionate about his trip to California and the Disneyland rides and if you get him going it is hilarious to hear him tell about.

He is still obssesed with cars stuff and his cousins gave him a bunch to add to his collection. He also loves taking pictures and is pretty dang good with it. It is fun to take my phone after he has had it to see the random and funny things he has taken pictures of. The other day it was the toliet. I was glad it was clean and freshly flushed :)

Any toy that he sees and wants he says "Mom, I want to get that for Christmas" I think he is going to LOVE Christmas this year and really get into it. It makes me really excited and even more excited that I will have 2 kids to have Christmas for.

When I tell him not to do something and it makes him mad because he really wants to he points his little finger at me and says, "Don't tell me Mama!" I have to turn my head so he doesn't see me laughing.

He loves to sing and hum right now. The songs he sings over and over again are Happy Birthday (to himself) and It's a Small World. He likes to add his favorite naughty word right now (poop) into every song he sings and thinks he is so funny. 

In other news, I finally got a new camera after being without one for months so hopefully I can get some pictures on here. We have been job hunting and Jared did find one but it doesn't have benefits for a year! So now we are trying to decide if we should put Brogen in daycare just until the baby comes so we won't have to be without insurance for that huge cost or if I should just quit now and pay the rest of my life for hospital bills or if he should just keeping looking and not take this job. Decisions decisions...... so stressful! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

20 Weeks! Halfway there, and the recent happenings

How far along? 20 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, but unfortunately I am still at the awkward stage where maternity clothes are a little too big and my regular clothes are way too uncomfortable!
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Best moment the past few weeks: Feeling those first little flutters about about 16 weeks that I knew for sure were movements and since then feeling little kicks and jabs all the time.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back and also just sleeping in general. I tend to have insomnia when I am pregnant and just wake up and can't go back to sleep for hours sometimes.
Movement: Yes! I love it, it makes the pregnancy seem real
Food Cravings: Ice cream, sweets, pepsi. Nothing that is good for me!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thank heavens the morning sickness left me about 15 weeks but I still get a little sick sometimes when I take my vitamin and if I get too hungry. Water is hard for me to drink and makes me feel a little blah also.
Gender: Its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are naming her Hallie but not quite sure on the middle name yet. Brogen was right all along. We had the gender ultrasound at 16 weeks and the ultrasound tech was sure its a girl. I couldn't believe it!
Labor Signs: I have been having the braxton hicks contractions for a couple weeks now.
Symptoms: Tired, but overall feeling better and less emotional. 
Belly Button in or out? Still in but I have an inny and its making its way out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Now that I am not sick anymore I am much more pleasant to be around :) I am happily shopping for cute girl stuff too!
Looking forward to: My ultrasound tomorrow, anxious to know that everything is okay and that its still a girl and she is healthy and strong.

I can't believe that I am finally half way there. The first half always goes so slow especially being sick, everyday feels like a lifetime but now when I think I am on the down hill I get a little panicked thinking of everything I need and want to get accomplished before that time.

Brogen is still growing like a weed and does and says so many cute things. He LOVED Disneyland and talks about it non stop. I need to do a Disneyland post even though it was over a month ago just to document everything that happened. I am so glad we went, we have so many fun memories from that trip. He has been really cute about the baby sister in my belly and constantly is saying whoa your belly is getting so big Mama! Jared is currently job hunting and talk about frustrating! We are hoping that something works out soon so that I can quit work before the baby comes.  All in all life is good and we have plenty to be thankful for.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Brogen has some exciting news to share........

I am not sure how excited he is about it but Brogen is going to be a big brother! The baby will be making its debut in November and we are excited and nervous. The next part is documentation for me and will be pretty boring so feel free to stop reading. We found out on March 3rd that we were pregnant and we were so excited. I really thought it would take a lot longer than it did because I have been diagnosed with PCOS and sometimes women who have this have a hard time getting pregnant or can't get pregnant at all so I feel very blessed to even have this happen. It has been a rough pregnancy from the start. I have been having pretty bad pain on my right side and then I had some bleeding so I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks to make sure that the embryo was in the uterus and not in the fallopian tube but at 5 weeks it was too small to get a heartbeat or anything. They scheduled me for another ultrasound for 7 weeks and I thought I would die having to wait that long to know if the baby was still even alive. I only bleed a little bit and for 1 day so that was encouraging and then right around 6 weeks the sickness hit with full force. It has sucked so bad but at least I know that the baby is alive and thriving. I finally got the next ultrasound and there was a heartbeat and everything looked good so far. I feel like this time around has been so much worse than it was with Brogen but maybe I just forgot. I have been tired, puking, nauseous 24/7, and trying to work and take care of a 3 year old at the same time. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who has done everything for the past 6 weeks and all I have to do is make it through work and I can come home and relax for the evening. He has been going to work later than usual and working until midnight just so he can help out with Brogen. I am so lucky to have him! Brogen has been really sweet also and gets pretty concerned that I am sick. He goes upstairs and gets my pillow and blanket and brings them to me on the couch, gives me sweet kisses and is really careful when he climbs on me that he doesn't hurt my belly. When we ask him if its a baby brother or sister he as been saying sister until the last week or so and now he is telling people that there is a baby brother in there. I am completely happy with either one I just want it to be healthy. I saw these pregnancy posts on another blog and thought it would be a fun way to document the pregnancy so I am going to try to do it every week.

How far along? 11 1/2 Weeks
Maternity clothes? Not this week but I have a feeling it won't be long. My belly is really popping out there much earlier than it did with Brogen. That is why we decided to tell so soon because there is really no hiding it :)
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Best moment this week: When Brogen saw me throwing up in the sink because I couldn't make it to the bathroom and he said " you sick mama, you ok?" I said I was and he said "poor mama" and then proceeded to give me about 5 kisses on the lips right after I had thrown up. Now that is sweet!
Miss Anything? Not feeling tired and sick all the time. Food actually tasting good.
Movement: No
Food Cravings: No, the very thought of food makes me sick but the food that sounds the best is mostly breads.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Food, taking my pill and my prenatal, smells, when someone decided to leave a log in the toliet! Ya that ruined me for the rest of the day.
Gender: Jared thinks girl, I think boy, and Brogen used to say girl but now says boy.
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Tired, Nauseous, Irritable, Emotional.
Belly Button in or out? Still in but I have an inny and its making its way out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I think there is one tiny happy bone in my body because I have a great little family who is happy and healthy but I am so irritable when I don't feel good so I feel like I am pretty moody. So many nights after Brogen is finally in bed I cry because I feel like a crap Mom that I didn't play with him much and that I didn't have very much patience with him. I am also having feelings of panic that I don't know if I can love another baby like I love Brogen and I am starting to worry about the effect this will have on him to not have my 100% love and attention. Silly I know, but I am quite emotional right now.
Looking forward to: Ultrasound on May 30th. My Dr. office does a gender only ultrasound at 16 weeks for $25 so we are going for it. If i can know 4 weeks earlier you bet I am going to do it. Not feeling sick anymore. I really hope this eases up because we are going to Disneyland in just over a week and I want to be able to enjoy it.

Well that is all for now, we have exciting things coming up, Jared is graduating next Friday and that deserves a post all by itself, and we are going to California for a little family vacation a week from Sunday. We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brogen turned 3!

I can't believe how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital admiring my tiny newborn and here I am today admiring a grown up boy. I still try to call him my baby but he always corrects me and says "no, I not a baby I'm a big boy"! I have so many emotions right now just typing this, its really hard to see him growing up so fast. Before I know it I will be sending him off to school! I am so proud of the little man that he has become. He has brought so much happiness to our lives, I can not imagine life without him. He is constantly making us laugh with the funny things he says and does. A few things I want to remember about Brogen at 3 years old:

He is now potty trained. It only took one day when I found out which toy he wanted bad enough. It was his Mack truck to go with his Lightening McQueen car :) He does great with peeing and did really good pooping but he has kind of relapsed on the pooping so we are working on that.

He is completely obsessed with Lightening McQueen, and I mean obsessed. He has a little car that is his constant companion. He eats with it, sleeps with it, rides bikes with it and takes it everywhere he goes.

The neighbors have a hot wheels lightening McQueen that he got to drive once and that is what he decided he wanted for his birthday. He had his little heart set on it and talked about it all the time so even though its a freakin expensive gift for a 3 year old we just couldn't disappoint him so that is what he got for his birthday. He was so excited and rode on it until the battery died. He caught on so quick, he is quite the little driver. If you ask him how to drive the car he will give you the full details. I will have to get it on video.

The other day I got frustrated with his constant whining for his juice so I kind of tossed his cup on the floor :) whoops! He immediately reprimanded me and told me that its not nice to throw things and he and daddy decided that I should have a time out for it. I can't be a hypocrite right? So he came over and pulled me up off the couch and took me to the stairs and told me I was in time out. Then he came back a couple minutes later and gave me a hug and patted my back and told me to come out but reminded me not to throw things. Do you think he has been in time out a time or two? It was so funny!

He is still obsessed with having his juice and blanky and he can't have one without the other. If he gets in trouble or hurt or upset about something he needs his juice and blanky. It's his little comforter.

He has radar ears! I can be having a conversation on the phone or talking to someone and you wouldn't think he is listening but all the sudden he will chime in with something that we were talking about. I have to be careful what I say around him.

Perfect example we were in the car the other day and I had to slow down kind of fast for the cars in front of me and Brogen yelled from the backseat, "people, come on"! I asked Jared if he learned that from him or me and he said oh ya from you, you are always saying stuff when you drive. I really need to watch what I say when I am driving ;)

Our house is always cold because we like it that way but sometimes its a little too cold and the other day I said I was so cold. Brogen immediately went over and got me a blanket and helped cover me up. Then he ran upstairs and got my pillow for me so I could lay on the couch. He really is thoughtful and sweet.

He is still a really picky eater and we honestly don't know how he survives on what he eats. The trick is getting him to try something and he will usually love it but then sometimes won't eat it again. It drives me nuts.

We have really been enjoying the nice weather and he loves playing with the neighbor kids and riding his bike and playing basketball and we have a hard time getting him to come in the house for anything.

He is loving Micky Mouse Clubhouse lately and just in time because we are going to Disneyland the second week in May after Jared's graduation. We are super excited and can't wait to see how much fun Brogen has. Happy Birthday Brogen. We love you!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Explorer & The Perfect Day!

Brogen loves to hike around and explore, just like his Daddy. One of their favorite things to do is go on the trails behind our house or go hiking or exploring somewhere. One day when I was at work Jared sent me this picture of Brogen up on the Dixie rock. It made me a little nervous but Brogen was having such a good time hiking around and me being the paranoia that I am was glad that I was at work so I didn't have a 100 mini heart attacks seeing what was going on. I made Jared promise me that he would watch him like a hawk and everyone came back in one piece. Ha!

A couple of Saturdays ago we decided to take advantage of our pass to Zion and went to go on a little hike since that seems to be a favorite family activity. It was still a little bit cold, there was still snow on the ground in some spots, so we bundled up and headed out but the sun was out so it wasn't too bad. Since it was our first time taking Brogen and we didn't know for sure how he would do there we picked the easiest hike to the Weeping Rock and it seriously took us 5 minutes to get there. Brogen loved it! He was in awe of the water coming down off the rock and was so excited to be there. It was so cute, he was so happy that he had a little skip to every step he took. He was truly in his element. We wanted to do more so we picked the lower Emerald Pools hike and had a blast listening to Brogen point out everything around us. I kept saying this is seriously the perfect day. Brogen can be adorable but he can also be a little stinker but he was on his best behavior that day and there is something about being in that beautiful setting that just made me think of how blessed I am especially with my amazing little family that I have. Sometimes he would get a little tired so he would ride on Daddy's shoulders for a bit and then he would want back down to walk. I just love these boys!

We had the best time and can't wait to go back! Another thing we have loved doing lately is feeding the ducks. That has been our new Sunday thing since we are out of church so early. We get a loaf of bread from the dollar store and Brogen throws piece after piece until it is gone. There are so many ducks at this pond that they literally fight over the bread and it just cracks us up. This picture doesn't even do justice to how many ducks are there.

Since it is Valentines Day I want to give a little shout out to the 2 loves of my life. Brogen I love you for making me a better person. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I have never had so many sleepless nights, been so frustrated that I wanted to scream, and worried so much it made me sick until you came along. When you wrap your arms around me and flash that smile and I see that cute dimple I don't even remember any of those things. You make me so happy! You really are a smart, amazing little man and I am so glad that I get to be your Mama and learn something new about myself and you everyday. Jared, I love you for loving me no matter what. I am not always easy to please and you are always trying your hardest just to make me happy. You are constantly making me laugh, without even trying, and I knew I had a keeper when on our first Valentines Day together you said to me, "How did a girl like me get so lucky to get a guy like you?" I just fell on the ground laughing. It was before we were engaged and he was so nervous and I have never let him live that one down and he is going to kill me for sharing it, but its too funny. So thanks babe for all you do for me. I love you!