Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jared's Graduation

Jared graduated from Dixie State this past weekend with his Associates. I am really proud of him for deciding to go back to school. It hasn't been easy trying to juggle work, school, and a family but he did it and I know when we are all done with school all of the sacrifices will have been worth it. Jared has never owned his own gun and he fell in love with a .22 that was all camouflage and supposedly really awesome so I surprised him and got that for a graduation present. He was so surprised and excited. My mom came down to go to the graduation to help me out with Brogen since he gets bored in about 1 second and this is what they did, kicked around a big rock outside and he was loving it!

Brogen wasn't too sure about Dada in his hat and gown. See how cute his hair looks short! Happy Graduation babe and now on to SUU!

Curly Hair.......Gone

Brogen has great hair and it grows really fast. We buzzed when he was like 6 months old, then it grew back and we cut it short and had fun spiking it and doing mo hawks, and then we decided to just let it grow and see if it would go curly and wavy like Jared's hair did when he was that age, and get curly it did. Of course I thought his curls were so adorable and it made him look almost identical to Jared's baby pictures. It was so long we would have to blow dry it after his bath because it was never dry before he went to bed. The back was the curliest and I am sad that I never got a good picture of that but here are a few pictures with it long.

When we were up at the cabin we decided to have Aunt Nat cut his hair. We put in a Baby Einstein movie so he would hopefully hold still, and since he didn't feel good also he just sat there so still and didn't even flinch when she turned the clippers on. I was a little sad at first when all his little curls started falling in my lap and it took me a minute to get used to the new hair but he looks so cute and so much older. We can always grow it out again anyways right?

Cabin and 1st Ear Ache

We went up last weekend to the cabin to celebrate Brogen's birthday, Nat's birthday and Jared's graduation. We were planning on some great weather, but I think the bad weather follows me wherever I go and it ended up being cold and even snowed a little Sunday morning. We spent most of the time inside the cabin which is fun anyways and we went to the tree swing for a while and even Brogen went on Jared's lap but I didn't get any pictures. Sara and Terron were able to come also and it was just a lazy relaxing weekend, well for everyone besides me and Jared that is. Friday on our way up there Brogen's nose was running a little and he was conjested but we kind of thought maybe he had allergies. He was a little grumpy but nothing terrible and he was refusing his bottles that day. When we went to put him to sleep that night he wouldn't take his bottle and cried a little but grandma finally got him to sleep. About an hour later he woke up screaming bloody murder and I could not get him to stop for what seemed like an eternity. This is so out of character for him but we figured he was just overtired and couldn't breathe. It was so sad to see him like that and he finally cried himself to sleep in my arms but when I tried to put him down he would cry. So me and Jared took turns holding him the entire night. It was rough but we knew he couldn't breathe and then he started running a fever. I was just really glad that I had brought the tylenol with me and we got that in him and he slept pretty good in our arms. The next day he was really cranky and having meltdown after meltdown over the silliest things. He wouldn't take a nap, he wouldn't take his bottle or his binky. We kept giving him tylenol but I have never seen him so miserable. Jared's family had a little party for him that day and he got spoiled all over again. These pictures are dark and kind of hard to see but he got a little splash table with a boat and a swimming suit and sunglasses. He loved playing with it and that seemed to cheer him up. I know he is going to love playing with it when we put water in there too. Camille made him the cutest truck cake and Grandma had decorated with balloons and a banner. Two 1st birthdays, what a spoiled boy!!!

I really wanted to just leave the cabin and get him to the doctor but he seemed better during the day and we just kept thinking he was stuffed up. When this happened before we had one bad night and that was the worst of it so we were hoping it was the same this time. That night when we tried to put him to sleep he screamed forever and I couldn't get him to stop. He was crying so hard that he was hoarse and hyperventilating. I was beside myself after about an hour of this and ended up crying with him. We finally figured he must have something more than a stuffy nose so we started another long night of taking turns holding him after he finally calmed down. The next morning we woke up to snow at the cabin. Snow in May, it has been crazy weather this Spring, and we got packed up and left after lunch. We took Brogen to the clinic that night and he had double ear infections, sore throat, and congestion. We felt so bad that we didn't just come home. We got him his antibiotics and a humidifier and prepared for another bad night. They gave us numbing drops to put in his ears and that seemed to help a lot. Jared held him until about 2 in the morning since I had to work the next day and then he was able to lay him in his crib and he slept the rest of the night and then it just got a little better every night. He has been such a good boy about taking his medicine and lays so still while we put the drops in, its like he knows they help him. He is still on the mend but hopefully in the next few days he will be back to normal.

1 Year Old!!!!

So now that it is almost time to do the 13 month post I finally get around to the 12 month post. Lots of fun things have been going on this past month with this babe.

He finally graduated to a forward facing car seat and it is Heaven!!! He has been loving being able to see where we are going and doesn't feel so left out. Although I still sit back there with him sometimes.

We finally got him to clap on his own. It is very hard to teach him anything because he will not sit still long enough for stuff like that.

Got his other top tooth finally! Still just has two on top and two on the bottom

So close to walking, he stands up in the middle of the room and takes a couple of steps but gets nervous and sits down. He has the leg strength and the ability he just needs the confidence.

Helps Mommy water the flowers every night and will do anything to get outside.

Climbs up on the dishwasher and tries to "assist" in getting the dishes out

He is getting better about entertaining himself and likes to sit on the floor and look and books on his own, push his trucks around, and play with his other toys.

He is a stinker about getting his diaper changed and when its a poopy one and he is not in a good mood so we can distract him it takes 2 of us to change it with one of us holding him down. Not fun!

He had his first trip to the dentist. Jared saw a spot on his tooth and we thought it was a cavity even though we thought we were doing everything right so we took him in and turns out its just a defect on his tooth and not a cavity. Phew!!!

One day out of the blue he started pointing and leaning his body towards what he wants. It is so funny

He points and says "this" which is his first word besides momma and dada

He loves dogs and gets so excited whenever he sees one. Jared's family has a dog that is a house dog and Brogen follows her around relentlessly and all she wants is some peace and quiet. My sister also has a dog and whenever we are at my parents house he wants over to the window to look out at Miley. He is not afraid of her and loves getting licked which I think is disgusting!

He is a pretty picky eater right now and eats most table food just fine but will not eat his fruits and veges very good.

For his birthday we had a little family part at my parents house in Enterprise. There was a lot of family that came to support and make his day special. He even had both sets of great- grandparents on my side there. My lil sis Sara spent hours making the cake and it turned out awesome. Brogen loves Baby Einstein shows and would watch all day everyday if we let him so that was the theme for the party. The cake was the Baby Einstein caterpillar and he loved it!

He was spoiled and got so many fun things for his birthday. We got him a little wagon that he can push and pull and he got clothes, toys, and money to go with his new piggy bank.

He wasn't too sure about digging right into his cake but he sure made a mess with the frosting. Jared said he looked like the Joker from Dark Knight with frosting around his mouth.

He went straight to the bathtub after this, that black frosting wasn't coming off that easy. He had a great first birthday but I was so consumed with getting the food ready and the presents wrapped that I feel like I neglected my boy who was whining and pulling on my leg all day so next year I decided his birthday can be low key with no party and I will just play with him and do whatever he wants that day. Love you buddy! Its been a great first year!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I decided that blogging is not my thing. I love to look at other people's blogs but I hate updating mine which is a shame because its the only journal/scrapbook that Brogen is going to have so I guess I will do a little catching up AGAIN. For Easter weekend we went to Enterprise. The weather was crappy as usual but we had good times and good food. Brogen always gets spoiled, he got a couple new church outfits and some other toys and books. Jared's mom gave us his Easter bunny basket that he had as a kid and it is so cute.

Before Brogen was born me and Jared would go for walks on the bike trail by our house. These cute families would always come biking past us pulling their kids behind them in a bike trailer. We thought it looked so fun and kept saying that we would get one for Brogen to ride in. So thanks to our awesome tax return this year we got me a bike and a bike trailer for Brogen. I think he looks so cute in it and seems to really enjoy it so we have been going on a lot of family bike rides.

On Sundays we have been taking Brogen to go feed the ducks over in Bloomington. He loves it and seems mesmerized by all the ducks. He just stares and tries to help us throw the bread.