Sunday, October 24, 2010

What We Have Been Up To Lately

Life is very busy for us right now. Jared is driving to Cedar Tues and Thurs and has class all day long. I am still working full time and trying to balance working, being a mom and wife, and I just got called into the Young Womens presidency as the 2nd Counselor. I was so overwhelmed and still am but I am excited to get to know all the girls and have fun with them. This was only my 2nd week being in but so far it is going good. It seems like we are always gone on the weekends and never seem to get caught up on anything but we finally had a weekend at home this weekend and we now have a clean house, clean clothes, food in the fridge and I am blogging so its been a pretty good weekend. Brogen went to Nursery for the first time today and I was nervous how he would do but he was so excited and went right for the toys and couldn't have cared less when we walked out the door so that was a huge relief. He had so much fun playing with the other kids and all those new toys. That will make Sundays a little easier for us, now if we can just figure out how to keep him in Sacrament meeting for longer than 10 minutes we will be doing good!

17 & 18 Months

The last couple of months I have been slacking on keeping a list of all the cute new things Brogen is doing but I can come up with a couple off the top of my head.

He says Uh Oh, and Ouch but does not talk as much as I think he should. Hopefully he is just catching up from months and months of not being able to hear very well. He understands everything we tell him though and when we read books he is able to point to most things when asked. Any advice on how to make your child talk? Ha ha

He loves Barney, much to our dismay and insists on watching it once everyday. Me and Jared do our best to tune it out but those dang songs get stuck in our head and we hate it!

He pulls the cutest little face when he is excited about something. I need to try to get a picture of it.

He is finally working on those 1 year molars and almost has all 4 of them in. We have had a few rough nights over those teeth!

Loves to play ring around the rosies

Loves to play at the park and go down the slides and just be outside. I think we have a true boy on our hands, he wants to be outside all day and just likes an open space that he can run. He loves to run and he gets in this cute little read
y position and says one, two, three and then takes off running. He is so funny.

He is the most stubborn kid I have ever seen. Once he gets something in his mind he wants, it is almost impossible to distract him from it and he has had many melt downs because of it. We are still trying to figure out the most effective way to discipline this kid but for the most part he is a really good boy.

He is a brat about getting his diaper changed but especially when its me doing it. The other day we had a 30 minute power struggle over him getting his poopy diaper changed. I seriously am not strong enough to hold him down and change it myself, (he is almost as big as me:) and thank heavens my mom was in town and coming over, we literally had to hold him down kicking and screaming. I don't get it. Some days!

He points to most all of his body parts but will only do it when HE wants to. We have to catch him in just the right mood.

We haven't been to the doctor for his well check yet so I don't have his stats but he is pretty dang tall for his age. Everyone that asks his age comments on how tall he is. Not sure how that happened with such a short Mommy!

Just some random pics of the cute boy!