Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Shower, 34 Week Belly Pic

This last weekend was my baby shower in Enterprise put on by my mom, sisters, and sister-in-law. It was so fun and all their hard work paid off it turned out really good! They had everything decorated so cute with blue and brown. We had a couple fun games and then some yummy croissant sandwiches and a chocolate fountain with all the good stuff to go with it. I had a lot of friends and family there to support me and lets just say that Baby Blad is pretty spoiled already! I got a lot of cute stuff! Thanks everyone that came and thanks mom and sis's for putting it on for me! Check out the huge diaper cake, I thought it was so cute! So I posted another belly picture but I think this will be the last one. I really don't like to see myself in pictures because it shows how big I really am. I swear my face is twice the size and I have more chins than a chinese phone book. Ha ha! Now that I am nearing the end, I have about 5 1/2 weeks left, I am starting to really feel the aches and pains of pregnancy and I finally had to go and buy real prego pants which was a little disappointing but I am going more for comfort at this point. I have gained 29 pounds so far (not cool) and I am starting to feel the backaches, a little swelling, and insomnia! I wake up at 3 and 4 in the morning and can not go back to sleep! I don't want to complain but I now know why people try so hard to make themselves go into labor before the due date! I have a lot of mixed feelings as I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. I am super excited but I also feel really overwhelmed when I stop and think about what is really happening. I have doubts and fears about whether I am cut out to be a mom and if I am going to know what the heck I am doing. I know our lives are going to change dramatically but I think it will be a good change. I can't wait to get this little guy here and I will be so relieved when I know that he is healthy and everything is ok. We also can't wait to see who he looks the most like. We have narrowed it down to two names now, Brogen and Connor but we aren't for sure which one yet. We eliminated Teegan because everyone said they only knew girls named that, and Jared was not having that, and then Aaden is too popular of a name right now and we wanted something a little different so that is how we got to our last two names. I have got the nursery about half done so when I get that all the way done I will post some pictures for sure. If anyone has any advice on how to make these last few weeks fly by please share!
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