Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching Up Again

I am really trying hard to do better with updating my blog but I always seem to let too much time go by and then I have a ton to talk about. This past weekend my little nephew Broc came down to have a sleepover. He turns 6 in May and I swear he can't be that old already! I have always felt a special little bond with Broc, I got to be there when he was born and it was the most awesome experience to hear his first little crys. He is always so happy and fun to be around and so freaking smart he keeps us all laughing. For years my nephews and neice have been like my own kids and I have loved spending time with them and spoiling them. They were always that bright little spot in my life whenever I was having a hard time. I was so afraid that when i got married that things would change but thank heavens that Jared loves the kids as much as I do and the kids LOVE him. I am really glad that I got to spend time with just Broc for the weekend before this baby comes and I hope I can still be a fun aunt and spend time with them. We took him to play laser tag, watched a movie, played legos, Wii, and had lots of fun at Fiesta Fun. Here are a few pics from our weekend with Broc

Playing legos

Riding the bumper boats and soaking each other

My other cute little nephew Brayden got to come and spend a couple hours at fiesta fun with us

Hope you had as much fun as we did Broc!

And finally everyone has been asking for a belly pic of me and as much as I don't want to show how big I am here you go. Enjoy!

I just had an appointment today and Baby Blad is measuring in at 27 weeks! I have gained 14 pounds so far and from here on out should gain a pound a week. Sucks to be me! I have 3 months left so you do the math. He is so active, I feel him moving constantly and I love it! I don't know when he sleeps though, kind of makes me think he is going to be a wild child when he gets here cuz he never holds still. I think I will really miss feeling him kicking around. Jared loves to talk to him in my tummy and sometimes we are quite entertained watching my stomach move all around. We have our crib and our stroller and should be getting the dresser in a couple of weeks so when we get the nursery all done I will post some pictures. We are having a really hard time deciding and agreeing on a name and hopefully I won't be adding anymore names to the poll. I hope we have it narrowed down to at least two by the time he is born but we are pretty indecisive so I am not planning on it. If anyone has any cute names for us let us know! I am also having a hard time finding bedding that I like so if anone knows where to get super cute bedding clue me in!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I am officially the worst at updating my blog. So much has happened since my last post so this is probably going to be really long and boring. I guess i will just start with Christmas break cuz I don't want to go back too far. We started off Christmas break in Enterprise. We got there around noon on Christmas Eve day and we headed up to the rock pit with Sara, Terron, Jed, Karisti, Broc, and Brayden to go tubing down the hills. Being prego puts a damper on having fun sometimes so I was the camera girl and took lots of pics. It was fun to watch them though. Jared brought his snowboard and everyone was lovin taking turns on that. I didn't get very many good pictures because my battery died but here are a few.

Christmas Eve was so fun we ate lots of good food, my mom fixed navajo tacos and we had my favorite Christmas slush (it had lots of sugar and the baby was kicking like crazy) then we played some bunco and got some awesome prizes. My mom always puts a lot of effort into making the party awesome. Thanks mom! Sara and Terron stayed over also that night which was really fun so we opened our Christmas pajamas and hit the sack!

Here we are on Christmas morning at my parents house. We got spoiled again and my favorite present of all is the temple picture I have been wanting forever. Jared got some Wii stuff and some clothes and even Baby Blad had some presents under the tree.

The weather on Christmas day was horrible but we ended up venturing out to see what all the kids got which is one of my favorite parts. My mom made all the traditional food that day with Ham and cheesy potatoes and we pretty much just hung around the house all day because of the crappy weather. Friday was more sledding, food, and fun. Saturday we drove to Kanosh to spend some time with Jareds family and it was so fun to be there with them. We played a lot of Scum and a new game called 10,000 which was super fun and ate more yummy food, I think I gained a few pounds over the holidays! Me and Jared have both been off work pretty much since the 23rd and it has been so fun to spend time with family and just be together. We are so excited for everything this New Year is going to bring and we can't believe that in 4 months we are going to be parents. It gets more and more real all the time and we just can't wait to get him here and see what he looks like. On another note, we start school tomorrow and we also go back to work so life will be super busy again. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to update my blog more often. Ha ha we will see how that works out. We just want to wish all our friends and family a Happy New Year!