Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 Months, Valentines, G-Grandpa Blad, Baby Lainey

Happiest Boy!

It is dang near impossible to ge
t a picture of this kid looking at the camera without his eyes closed so this is as good as it's going to get. Brogen just keeps getting more fun everyday and has lots of spunky personality! He is always happy and always moving!
Things to remember at 10 months:

Favorite thing to do after his bath is pull the drain up an
d let a little water drain and then push it back down. He does this a million times before the bathtub is finally empty

Has two teeth on the bottom and has one top tooth coming in

Waves bye bye now and uses his whole arm. It is so cute!

Loves music and loves to dance. He just can't help himself when he hears music he gets the biggest grin and then starts to move his legs, then his arms, and then he wants to stand up and jump jump jump!

Puts his blankie over his face and kicks his legs like crazy and laughs while we say "Where's Brogen" and then he pulls it off and does it again

I love to steal his blankie and snuggle it up to my face and say "Look at my soft blankie" and no matter what he is doing he will drop it and come on a mad crawl and snatch it out of my hands and bury his face in it. He LOVES his blankie!

HAS to be read to about 3 times or more a day and we are talking about 60 books every time we sit down to read. That is no exaggeration, we counted them! He has h
is favorites and if we pick a book he doesn't like anymore he pushes it away and reaches for another one.

The other day Jared had a little remote control car he kept bugging Brogen with. He would drive it up to him and then let it spin and Brogen was kicking it like mad trying to get it away. After this went on for awhile he finally picked it up and chucked it on the tile and it broke. I laughed forever about it and told Jared thats what he gets for pestering him.

He does so many goofy things and is always making us laugh. There is never a dull moment around our house. Love you Brogen!

For Valentines Day we were in Kanosh. He got lots of books from everyone and a cute new outfit for church.
He actually threw out the tissue paper and tipped the bag upside down and out came his book.

Jared's mom fixed Cafe Rio Salads and it was Oh so yummy and Natalie and Jake came up and we just had a fun weekend with lots of family, food, and fun. Jared was very sweet to me this year and gave me a nice card, a pedicure and a gift card and I got the Season 5 of The Office for Jared.

Later on we went to see G-Grandpa Blad. He is living in a rest home (which is in the hospital) and we wanted to visit with him and get a picture of him with Brogen. It made me tear up while we were there thinking that this could possibly be the last time we see him. He was having a good day that day and hopefully he will have a lot more ahead. Nat took the cutest picture of Brogen giving Grandpa a love and Grandpa giving him a kiss. (I need to get that from you Nat)

4 Generations

Last but not least, the long awaited arrival of Lainey J Gardner (named after Grandma Elaine) She was born on February 11th and we are so excited to have another little girl in the family. She is so dang cute and seems so tiny! I never remember Brogen being that small. She is going to be one spoiled girl by all of us and has the best big brothers to take care of her. Congrats Jed and Karisti!