Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Months Old!

Well a month came and went without me doing a post but I figured I would just skip the 2 month and go right for the 3 month update. We are loving Brogen more and more everyday and he just gets funner every minute. His personality is really starting to show and he is a spunky little thing! Sorry for the long list but I have to do this for journaling. Things to remember about Brogen at 3 months:

He is sleeping longer at nights and last night he made it 8 straight hours. Yahoo!

He loves his hands and has them in his mouth every second. Sometimes he spits out his binky so he can suck on his fists.

He laughs out loud now and makes so many cute sounds. He loves attention and is so smiley to anyone who will talk to him. He loves watching his cousins entertain him with their running around and acting silly.

This isn't anything new, but he never sits still. If he is awake his arms and legs are flying! He even works up a sweat!

He is a freakin chunk! He could hide things in his fat rolls if he wanted and weighs around 15 pounds now.

His poor little hair line keeps getting further and further back and his hair is thinning like crazy. Please grow some new hair!

He reaches for toys and can grab on to some of them. He loves to lay on his little jungle pad and grab at the toys.

He has a little blankie that he likes to hold on to and sleep with.

He can roll from his stomach to his back and almost rolled from his back to stomach. It won't be long now. He hates tummy time so we have to fight him to do it and he only lasts for a few minutes.

He sits up in his bumbo and we read books to him and that is about the only time he sits still. He loves to look at the bright colors in the books.

He continues to amaze us everyday with his cute little personality. We love him to pieces and just can't get enough of the cute boy!