Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Month Old Already!

Wow! Time is really flying. I can't believe my little man is one month old already! It is going by too fast for me. I love being with him and he seems to change a little bit everyday. We were so excited when he finally made eye contact with us and now sometimes I will catch him just staring up at me. I love it! We have been getting smiles for awhile now but finally managed to catch it on camera. His little smile with his dimple is all it takes to melt my heart. Lets just say that he already has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around his little finger and he pretty much calls the shots around here. We just adore this little guy! He finally gets to have baths in the big tub and he either loves his bath or hates it, depending on his mood and there doesn't seem to be a happy medium. He really is a pretty content happy baby but doesn't really appreciate his diaper getting changed and sometimes he screams! I think I am doing him a pretty big favor by changing him but apparently he would rather lay in his poop all day. He usually goes to bed for the night anywhere between 10:00 and midnight and we have to wake him up for his feedings. We let him go for one 4-5 hour stretch and then the rest of the time we wake him up every three hours. Thats what the doctor ordered so thats what we do. Brogen must know that I get a little cranky when I don't get much sleep and he is really good at sleeping at night. His daddy already loves to pester and tease him and if you notice in the picture below Brogen is hungry and rooting around for food and one of Jared's favorite things is to put his nose up to his lips and sure enough he latches right on! He thinks he is hilarious.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sneak Peak

Morgan and Karisti came down last Wednesday and Morgan took some dang cute pictures of Brogen. Thanks for taking pictures Morgan and for being such a good sport when he pooped and peed on you and all of your stuff! I know we are pretty biased but we think he is the cutest thing ever. He is already growing up too fast for us. It seems like he changes in looks everyday. He had his 2 week appointment today and he now weighs 7 lbs. 10 ounces so we were really happy he has gained weight. He even grew an inch and is 21 inches long. We love this little guy more than anything. Things to remember about Brogen at 2 weeks: his little lamb cry (seriously its his fake cry and he sounds like a little baby lamb), if he is awake he is usually squirming, he throws major attitude when getting his diaper changed, clothes changed, and having his bath, He has the cutest little smile and one dimple on his right cheek, (just a gas smile, we havc yet to see a real smile) He is such a sweet little baby and would probably sleep all night long if we let him. Brogen is the best thing to happen to Jared and I and we feel so lucky to be his parents.

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