Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14 Months

I have just a few new things to write about this month:
He is officially walking as o
f May 23rd! It was a Sunday and for about a month he had been teasing us, taking a few steps here and there, and then taking about 6 or 7 and then all of the sudden he just started walking. Just like that! It was the funniest thing ever. He looked like Frankenstein with his arms out trying to stay balanced.

When he walks around or plays with his toys he starts to hum. It is the cutest thing ever and when we start laughing he will look up and laugh with us. He loves to be cheered on for the cute stuff he does

Brogen has become Mr. Independant this month and likes to grab the spoon or fork out of our hands when we try to feed him, and makes a complete mess, since he still doesn't have the skills to feed himself. We usually give him a f
ork or spoon to hold so he can feel like he is helping.

His behavior is so unpredictable, one minute he is happy as ever, and the next he is throwing himself on the floor throwing a tantrum because he can't do something he wants or whatever he is holding isn't doing what he wants it to so he gets frustrated. If he points to go outside and we don't take him out there he has an immediate meltdown especially if he is overtired

He loves to be outside and Jared has started taking him to the splash pad and his favorite part is to walk along the rocks and through the water.

He hates when Jared hugs me or touches me at all for that matter. As soon as he notices us hugging he doe
s this little whine and comes over to break us up and then wants me to hold him. It is hilarious and we get the same reaction every time. We still haven't figured out if its because he is jealous or he thinks Jared is hurting me or something. This morning when he came to break us up he wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me then gave me a kiss right on the lips then went back to hugging me. He repeated this several times before he finally got down. It was so cute!

He loves to be in tight spaces or little places he feels like are just his. He likes to go in this tiny space in between our cupboards and the kitchen hutch and just chills there and he likes to go behind the couch or chair. This is how we found him when we checked on him the other day. Sitting inside his container of legos throwing them out

The bathroom cupboard was open so he crawled right in and he can now get himself up on the couch and our bed and anything else he wants

Another favorite right now is to pull off every inch of toilet paper off the roll and then proceed to tear it apart into tiny pieces and for some reason he likes to open the lid and try to put stuff in there so we have to watch him like a hawk. He also loves to open up the garbage and put stuff in there. The other day I caught him trying to put his snuggle blanket in there

Just a random picture I thought was cute. He is always on the go, climbing on something, climbing off something, getting into whatever he can find. He is a handful but oh so cute!

13 Months

Things to remember about Brogen at 13 months:
He learned to high five thinks he is pretty neat when he does it

He finally learned how to turn around and go down the stairs and also how to get off the couch and the bed without nose diving much to my relief

He now likes to look at books by himself. It is so cute, he will sit on the floor or couch and turn the pages and
jabber like he is reading to himself. He doesn't have the attention span for us to read to him anymore he only likes to flip through the pages

Since he got sick and refused his binky and bottle for a week, we decided he had pretty much
weaned himself and we decided not to give it back to him so.........

No more "Mr. Binks" which is bittersweet because sometimes it was nice in certain situations to have it but I know we lucked out having him weaned from it like we did since he just didn't want it anymore.

No more bottles and no more formula! Yahoo, I am $100 richer each month not having to buy formula. He just drinks regular milk from a sippy and it took him a few days but he made the switch fairly easy.

He has started being more snuggly with the loss of "Mr. Binks" and from being sick and wanted Jared or I to rock him to sleep. I was in heaven since I have always wanted him to lay on my shoulder while I rocked him to sleep and he let me have that for about 3 weeks before he decided he just wanted to be put in his crib.

Still isn't saying anything new from the last post. Just a lot of jibberish

Now has 6 teeth, 2 on top, 4 on the bottom

Doesn't eat that great and seems like he could take it or leave it when it comes to food

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1 Year Old Pics

Well actually these are more like 13 month old pictures but its because I wanted to take pictures with these letters and I had to order them from Roberts because they were missing a letter in the store. Ugh!!! So my friend Beck that has a studio here in St. George took these and let me tell you Brogen was one tough customer that day. The pictures with the letters were not exactly what I had in mind but he was not cooperating and Beck did a dang good job getting what she did, quite a few tantrums later. He kept throwing the letters and crawling away as fast as he could! I wanted them to be more of a "capture the moment picture" but what do ya do? He has turned into quite the little stinker, and regardless I think they still turned out way cute. I am behind on blogging once again but hopefully I will get caught up this weekend. I just wanted to share these cute pics of my little man all grown up.