Friday, October 31, 2008

Exciting News!!

It has finally happened, we are having a baby! It seems like it has been a long road to get to this point but we are finally here. Baby Blad should arrive around April 26th and we couldn't be more excited!

My cute hubby with a big smile! He is so excited to be a Daddy!

This is the picture from the first ultrasound I had at 6 1/2 weeks

I just went to my 14 week appointment and got to hear the heartbeat for the second time. It is one of the greatest sounds in the world! We held off telling people as long as we could because having 2 miscarriages makes you a little paranoid but we are finally convinced that this one is going to make it. Thanks to all those prayers made on our behalf. We know that we are being blessed. The countdown begins for when we find out what we are having Nov. 24th and I have already planned a shopping spree for immediatly after the ultrasound. I can't wait to find out what we are having and then spoil it!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deer Hunting & Girl's Weekend

Jared got a deer tag this year so we went to Kanosh this weekend so he could hunt with his dad and brother. As you can see in this picture he is all decked out in his hunting attire (including a full beard) but he was really sick with a cold and looked pretty miserable. He was a trooper though and hiked a huge mountain. No deer for Jared but his dad ended up getting a nice 5x4 with a 26" spread. Not bad, way to go Paul! I am so glad the beard is gone!

All the girls had fun watching chick flicks and making a cute craft ( the cute pumpkin) that Carolyn had all ready for us ( and ended up doing most of it) Thanks Carolyn! We also went to the craft botique in Fillmore and found some really cute stuff and then went to lunch. Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Rules: Link the person who tagged you, Mention rules on your blog:
Tell about six quirks of yours
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1# I am a freak about expiration dates. When I shop I check the expiration date on everything and if something is expired even one day I refuse to eat it. Leftovers have to be eaten within the most two days. After that its gone!

2# I have to have chap stick with me at all times. Some days when I have chap stick in my purse with me I won't even use it but if for some reason I don't have any with me my lips suddenly become super chapped and I about die! I took this one right off of Toni's blog it was the perfect description of me also!

#3 I have a serious fear of spiders and I can not kill them by stepping on them, smashing them between toilet paper, or anything else. The only thing I can do is spray the raid and then make Jared pick it up when he gets home. (I once trapped one under a paper cup and left a note for my roommate to kill it when she got home)

#4 This kind of pertains to spiders also, I can not have anything like my blanket, the couch pillows, ect. on the floor. If they are, they have to be washed or shook off before I will touch it because it might have spiders on it. If we go camping or stay at the cabin I make Jared do a spider inspection before I will get in my sleeping bag or in the bed. (you think I need therapy for this)

#5 I get really claustrophobic in crowded places. I can't stand to shop in December because there is just too many people in the store and if it gets too crowded I just have to get out of there before I freak out.

#6 It is impossible for me to change a baby's diaper without dry heaving. It happens every time! Once I was changing my little nephew and he just laid there still as can be but I was so busy gagging and trying to hurry to get the diaper off that some poop fell out of the diaper onto the floor and he was giggling at the faces I was pulling. Jared is going to be changing lots of diapers!

I tag: Anyone who reads this!